Successful portraits of groups require special sensitivities. Commercial high resolution digital cameras, powerful flash systems and careful attention to detail are combined with Rob Cannon's years of experience to ensure that your group will be captured with the efficient professionalism that results in the very best images.
We were asked to photograph the congregation of a leading church in the area on the occasion of the retirement of their longtime pastor. Rob was tasked with providing a large framed photograph which would clearly show each face in the group, in front of their historic facilities. Place your cursor over the image to reveal how their large group looked from a step-ladder on the hill. Clearly we would need to find a more advantageous viewpoint... xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx xxx xx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xx We brought in a large scaffold to reveal the entire group, and utilized an ultra-high resolution digital camera.
This tiny segment from the middle of the group reveals the detail that was delivered in the final photograph. For your group of ten, or a thousand or more, Rob Cannon will deliver the finest results at a reasonable cost - every time.

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